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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Minifigs resurrection.. a WIP part 1.

Minifigs, owned and nearly all painted by me  in the very early 80s.An army that was ever victorious in  the  very very odd  world of  WRG. By chance, or was it design . who knows, it ended up in the ownership of my good chum Larkspur , who has chosen to employ me on rehabilitating  this  fine body of very shiny fellows to  the noble standards of it has begun.They were mostly in remarkable condition, that Windsor & Newton Gloss varnish is very very effective.

The bases are 50x 50mm , none of that loony bolshie 40 x 40  for 25mm lads  ,and are 5mm   cork tiles so as  to give them a bit of stature when up against the  big men of today..First pic is the Heavy cavalry Dragoons, Cuirassiers  and Carabiniers..
commanders ..

more commanders..almost 30 years on from the day they were first painted..

Dragoon regiment , the 17th ..I didn't paint these , I think Jeff Thompson did these..

The rest of the army,  in its storage box..don't worry lads the Beau Soleil will shine on you soon 


  1. Ahh, the past the past. Looking good blossom

  2. mind you, as I have been varnishing them and getting up close they truly show what "$2 a figure "days quality was like..a bit , as the dog would say "Ruff, Ruff"