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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Jagdpanther WIP

I had bought a Britannia Jagdpanther at the car boot sale for 10 bucks.. it was a sort of mildly mottled shade of some sort of sand, that was about it.I had given it a thin wash and then I applied a few more thin washes of Vallejo sepia wash and began to do something with it..I came and went and its progress was incidental to other more major projects I was doing..

Ok, put on a bit of gauze  so as to crerate the cammo net effect

Then  applied some PVA in patches and submerged  it in the dried tea leaf box..

sealed the tea leaf stuff with a coat of PVA

my strategic reserves of dried tea leaves

a second layer of foliage

final seal of the foliage

a bit  green cammo  pattern , paint the foliage  and weather and dust 
somewhere along the line I had painted the running gear Tamiya flat brown and given it a heavy sepia wash and then a light black wash..
scrubbed up well..I should have bought all the Britannia tank stuff Mick Steggles was selling .................................................doh!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Back to the painting table , part 3

well  the Soviets.. first pic up  ..colours blocked in , tunics flesh helmets and tracks  then two thin sprays of Vallejo sepia tone.., one  of my  versions of the "Wash" method..
Then the reset , , a black wash over the running gear, a bit of black  wash to outline  grilles and hatches periscopes and whatever needs a bit of definition   a spay of the lower areas with Tamiya earth then a light dusting of the upper areas with the same..then a highlight  with Tamiya buff of the running gear and lower areas to show the dried mud/dust . and a light dusting again of the upper areas ..then a  coat of Matte varnish  by hand and a final spray of Gunze Flat clear to "pull it all together". The varnishing both protects the model and  evens out the weathering, which, without varnishing , can be a bit stark and ugly.. and then the nice bases..

Monday, 9 August 2010

Back to the painting table , part 2.

deciding to  continue with this now WIP on soviet armour  several more steps are  shown below. First is the base coat of Tamiya dark Brown.
Even with careful airbrushing  little bits get missed , no problem..
Then next an airbrushing with Gunze Olive Green..I leave the running gear out of this process.
Then the blocking in of incidentel detail..the tracks done in n GW Dark flesh and..

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Back to the painting table!!!

My serious case of cellulitis has turned into a serious ulcerous leg infection but it all seems to be clearing up, slowly, but the pain has abated to a great degree so I am back to painting, after more than two weeks a sort of WIP here are some Soviets I am doing. well just started..Hat T-34 85s, a T34-76 command tank and and a Frontlin BA 64 . all crew Britannia. The retooled T34-85 is excellent for the job...

 They have been primed with my favourite spray  primer;  plasti-kote Projekt Paint  PRIMER SUPER,  from Bunnings