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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Washing debate part 2

I have begun to reset and block in colours that don't like a brown wash ..all taken in a rather harsh desk top light and not completed as such but  posted here for continuity of discussion..those popping in for the first time   follow by  clicking on the label washing ..clicking on the pictures will bring thing s up..
well this is how they look
A Valiant German popped in, getting him sone for the goulburn big game , I sort of did it on the side to prcatice washing WWII, the uniform here was washed in black and reset..I could of washed in both black and sepia and if a 28mm I probably would do this ..
the 15mm austrians can be seen, now complete here

Well over on the Rum Corp Tavern.....(The Washing Part 1)

...there is a bit of talk about washes and the like and I frankly and wholeheartedly  think that the current craze for washing is an example of  a process being substituted for ability..and I also feel that many of the "final" product look murky and  muddy and rather crap.Here is the link
In the RCT debate, if it can be thought of as such ,it seems that some have understood me to be anti wash..well I am anti murk and and anti  poor standards. I love wash ..I use it all the time but I never ever mistake it for  being a substitute for  care and patience so here I begin a  bit of "a Reply " to those on the RCT who don't seem to "get " what I am saying.
I will post here the first of  number of pictures that will , hopefully, elucidate my methods, and perhaps help others to climb from the mud....Below the stuff blocked in with  colours that are only to be washed in brown .
and now the washing , with Vallejo sepia tone , begins...
more to come as the re-setting begins..

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Minifigs near complete

While technically a WIP, as they are theoretically unbased I will allow these to pass my otherwise pedantic and stringent views on this matter..Figures are 1974 era sculptures .. owned by larkers ,as mostly supplied by evzone .all painted by the Cardinal.Cork bases by Larkers Click on the pics for nice big versions.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Minfigs Resurrection part 5

well the washing with black and then sepia Vallejo wash and the begining of the painting ..

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Minifigs resurrection part 4

Having received some more  very averagely done Minifigs and charged with organising  them into  an organic brigade for  Lasalle who was toI  say no. The plan is to use the existing paint jobs as a basis for  the  repaint to cut down time  taken and  cost for the owner..well that's  the plan , I am not sure that there will be that much of a saving .. a number have to be  done from scratch and there are any number of horrible mistakess to repair..but  ever onwards.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Wagram Project

more of the Wagram Project  6 bases of cuirassier and the final 6 bases of Landwehr..