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Wednesday 3 November 2010

Painting Service Details

TThe Prices quoted below are effective from November, 2013

Need your armies painted quickly ? Finished to a more than an acceptable standard? Then A Corporal's Guard painting service is for you!

Need more convincing? Then look through the postings of this blog and see the many of His Eminence's works hung there by his loyal minion, Conrad Hawkwood, in an indication of the calibre of the Cardinal's work.

All commissioned work is completed using acrylic paints. All miniatures are primed, base coated and varnished upon completion.  
Things such as  basing, and attaching flags   , is also undertaken upon request and its costing is separate from the cost of the painted figure .As a rules of thumb 12.5% of the painted price..

All periods and all scales are happily attempted...

The following prices are as follows and are for unbased miniatures..

10mm: infantry $3.40, cavalry $5.30

15mm: infantry $6.00

Cavalry, $11.50.

20mm: infantry $7.00,cavalry $13.00.

25/28mm: infantry: $11

25/28mmCavalry $17

I am withdrawing the more expensive 25/28 painting level . It will be available only  upon request and the price will be dependent upon difficulty  . I can paint two or  more  $10.50  paint jobs in the time it takes to paint one of the more expensive  version. It is no longer viable to paint these  more complicated types.

I guarantee accuracy and precision.. if you have any doubts and can show  me to be at fault I will happily repaint  the  miscreant at my own expense

Shielded types, and camouflaged clothing types ,  15% extra .
No two horses of a lighter colour in any 12 figure unit are the same.A dark horse unit it is difficult to tell, though feel free to look.

25/28 mm Pulp , Fantasy and Sci-Fi individual highlander in kilt and  stockings and camouflaged WWII types  figures start at $15.00.

Buildings , bunkers , larger figures and monsters and terrain prices are subject to negotiation.

Vehicles .
These are the starting prices for the painting thereof.
15mm $27.00ea
20mm $40 ea
28mm $80.00 ea
assembling , crewing , stowing, basing ,decals and foliage extra according to complexity

15mm $12.50
28mm $25.00

The 28mm  $11 paint job explained ..
though guns are always a pain and are $25
to get the cheaper price  please read details below  ,If things stray outside the outlines then price becomes negotiable ..Kilts for example ..
1. Lots must be mostly uniform in style  and pose and colour scheme and at least 18 figures strong .. or a gun and 3 crew.
Basing is an extra series of processes  and negotiable upon request
2.As painting is a series of processes  so as to make this viable some things are cut back, no eyes for one thing, Essentially it is a blocked in process  ,then a wash , then reset/highlight technique. There is only one varnishing, in flat acrylic. I can paint   at least  24 figures to this standard in one day .

an example is seen above .This example has the 50c a figure  flocking  and the cost of the ply base ,which came to an extra  $10  to the  total for all 3 bases..
Shields are something of a question here, as everywhere ,like bases subject to negotiation  painful bloody things that they are,,

Basing , as seen on most  pictures in this gallery is approximately 12.5% extra..the actual base often costs extra
more complex by negotiation.

The Cardinal would like to make it known that he isn't much of a modeller and isn't all that good at assembling mildly complicated kits.. and suggest that you assemble and clean things up before you give them to him as he doesn't like doing it and doesn't charge for it and if you don't care he doesn't either..
Plastics..well assembling them is a tedious chore and His Eminence will assemble them for you and charge you $35 an hour for doing it..It is no fun , tedious and complicated..

The Cardinal does not involve himself with LBM shield decals. He is happy to  attempt any and all waterslide decals but the LBM are deal breakers..he is happy to prepare shields so as some other poor sap can have the pleasure of  working with them. 

The Cardinal understands, from experience , that only so much can be achieved in a particular time , and is looking for a number of regular and trusted patrons. As of now in time his order book has open a number of windows..he does so like to mix his metaphors.

The Ugly Matter of payment..

If the Cardinal knows you, and more importantly , trusts you, then he informs you via email of his commencing your work, thus giving you the chance to quickly reply 'NO" if that is your wish..This warning gives you a number of days in which to prepare for payment. Once started most job are completed withing 2-3 days.You are then are expected to pay very very promptly or you lose the Cardinal's trust, which , of course ,is not you don't get any more soldiers painted for you and your name is blackened around the community
If the Cardinal doesn't know you, or worse doesn't trust you ,then its dosh up front chum.
You can pay by cheque, Money Order, direct deposit or pay pal, though the latter attracts a 4% additional cost

Feel free to post a comment or enquiry here for more details or email him at

The Cardinal has been painting miniatures since he was a boy  which is some long time ago now .. and more importantly immersing himself in a truly encyclopedic study of uniforms and other military matters to the point that people have been known to leave the room upon hearing news of his impending approach..
he is also a bit of an arrogant bastard..but essentially fair..


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  3. O Cardinal, do you still offer painting services along the lines of the "28mm $11 paint job"

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