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Thursday, 28 April 2011

More Tank WiP

part II
The dried tea leaf reserve..

 The process..
 second round of beefing up the  foliage

 sealing the   subject

Thursday, 14 April 2011

A bit of a tank WiP..20mm

needing a break from 5 weeks  of  a veritable horde of fiddly 28mm SYW, and some rather more refreshing 15mm Persians, the Cardinal needs a break..What better than some WWII armour?
I fished out some Raventhorpe shermans and found a Britannia US sandbagged sherman  in there as well.Yoo hoo...
 The firefly and a 75m gun tank.
These Raventhorpes are a bit odd.. loader's hatches and  things like that ..I don't know if it is  meant to be  a Sherman V  bit it doesn't exactly look like one. There are any number of shermans around in the 1.72 scale but none make a half accurate ..
 ah..the gauze,its purpose will be revealed later ..
 and here one of the things that really really really really really annoys me..really really really..the fact you have to go off and find somebody nice, in this case Sean of S&S, to provide turret bins..I mean what sort of fecken'  idjit markets an allegedly  British sherman  without supplying turret bins..Most actually . Some bunch of  clowns??? Obviously
 and now back to being a bit more pleasant..a 105mm support tank..As the Brits had  only a few of these(if any) it will go the American tank battalion, a bit  nicer than the Britannia version.
 The nice Brittania 75mm gun tank with the sandbags..I know the sandbags were sprayed olive in the maintainace work shop or olive/black but they do look sexier  painted in sandbag colour..can I live with myself over this?
 The pine vise..or whatever , its  staring bit coming up..
 The  washing up utensil, this one is doomed never to reach the sink..
 and..when pin vise meets washing  up utensil's bristles

 part 1 is over