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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Eureka Miniatures 28mm French Revolutionary War Austrians

Eureka 28mm French Revolutionary War Austrians, I forgot the skirmish element and  my chum Grant needs to put on their Leibfahn. All the new 28mm Eureka  range.For a larger view ckick on the picture.

the last with the SK element

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My Lasalle project ,1812... opposed to the others I have posted. Having received some more troops from that nice Ian Crabb , of War and Peace Games ( see my links) I have pushed ahead with my personal project.,one of two planned.. I am aiming to do an Empire French  Infantry division force..with a core of  8 battalions  a battery and commanders  and two organic brigades, one  each of elite infantry and  a light cavalry  , and with   at least a cuirassier brigade  as a reserve brigade. Foucussing  on 1812 allows allows a wealth of  allied Brigades  ,might  do a Westphalian cuirassier brigade with Perry cuirassiers..any way it all rounds out   with 342  infantry  2 foot batteries , 2 horse batteries,24 cuirassiers and  32 light cavalry ..and .. well I have to do it in my spare time between painting everything else but I wish to get  ready for  Goulburn's Napoleonic  weekend late in the year..
so ..I have assembled the  skirmish markers for 9 units ..I am going to paint two bases  for each unit as voltiguers and one as represent the skirmish value of 2. Having bough some victrix from Ian at cancon , and having found them just too much for me I have used some of their bits to help individualise the Perry skirmishers..
click on pics for a nice big image..

Eureka Revolutionary Wars Austrians

This is in part a WIP..They have been undercoated with grey Plasti-Kote spray primer , from Bunnings, then sprayed with a base coat mix of Tamiya Flat Brown/Black mix...then the  flesh and the horse done in dark flesh..the white in Cote des Armes horse colour grey and the facings in a cheap but good   fuchsia  bought in a 2 dollar shop..then the eye socket  done in black..the greatcoat/blanket in codex grey..then washed in Vallejo Sepia.. then the black blocked in.. time for after that lot  around 4 hours of work so far ..

Monday, 22 February 2010

Wagram 1809 Landwehr and Grenzer

Next part of the Wagram project. finished last week in arpounf 2 days but the  flu has slowed down my picture taking .As usual the rather amazingly detailed  15mm AB..
the Landwehr

and the Grenzer  

Thursday, 18 February 2010

OK being a know all smart arse time..

...again some might say but  as Oscar Wilde remarked," There us only one thing  yadda yadda yadda.."
and if you have made it this far you may profit from the experience.
As many of you  may have had  the  experience with your GW paints where  you often reach a point where  the moisture content is low and the paint is growing solid , still a bit damp but not nice and smooth like a new little tub you sort of work it a bit then buy a new tub..OR  ,and now a bit of a digression into a techno sort of babble,  you suffer the slings and arrows,  downcast looks and smirks of your chums when you extol your paint know those chums who smirk and then tell you they don't like Vallejo  baby crap brown because "it is too thin",,well I have  a Robart s paint shaker , and all the extra do dads so you can use it 240v in Australia , those American plugs look very dorky..  is the place where you can see one
As a matter of course I use it to  shake all those tear dropper and flip top  paints in the shaker  for around 4 minutes before I first use them  ... but as forshadowed tales of my common sense are a digression here
so returning to the GW thing..well I stir in a little bit of Windex window cleaner not too much and not too stirred, then I  shake for 5 minutes , which is around 25.000 shakes, and wacko..if you haven't put in too much window cleaner you now have a really rejuvenated  GW colour..I have  done the Lazarus thing with about 20 pots so far and  it is a great help and something of a oldest pots are around 4 1/2 years old and they have come pack  very well, a little thinner but I thin anyway ...
here is my much sniggered at little paint shaker.. and a hard little worker it is..

Monday, 15 February 2010

Foundry Carabiniers

sort of resurrected  and finished for LaSalle, both Regiments

TAG TWY Croats

A nightmare this lot, one went missing and I still haven't found it. a varnish disaster that took a lot of remedial work and then the little buggers don't sit on their horses properly, like a bit of TAG stuff I have noticed..

Victrix completed

Well I finished the few I began , definately a bit different to metals

Friday, 5 February 2010

Minifigs resurrection part 3

the  infantry all laid out  , 8  units , enough for the Core division

The Artillery ..actually  there are 2 "spare" limber teams

closer view of the infantry division

and the cavalry..

Thursday, 4 February 2010

minifigs resurrection part 2

part 2 The infantry and artillery   infantry are now re- based and  a good chocolate brown applied touch ups and  organise in  n orderd manner the shako pom poms.. then  a bit of retro style flocking..There were enough minis to do 8 Lassalle units so Larkers now has his core division .
and this last one is for my mate Pz.Ferdinand  ..unrelated to the above..