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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My Lasalle project ,1812... opposed to the others I have posted. Having received some more troops from that nice Ian Crabb , of War and Peace Games ( see my links) I have pushed ahead with my personal project.,one of two planned.. I am aiming to do an Empire French  Infantry division force..with a core of  8 battalions  a battery and commanders  and two organic brigades, one  each of elite infantry and  a light cavalry  , and with   at least a cuirassier brigade  as a reserve brigade. Foucussing  on 1812 allows allows a wealth of  allied Brigades  ,might  do a Westphalian cuirassier brigade with Perry cuirassiers..any way it all rounds out   with 342  infantry  2 foot batteries , 2 horse batteries,24 cuirassiers and  32 light cavalry ..and .. well I have to do it in my spare time between painting everything else but I wish to get  ready for  Goulburn's Napoleonic  weekend late in the year..
so ..I have assembled the  skirmish markers for 9 units ..I am going to paint two bases  for each unit as voltiguers and one as represent the skirmish value of 2. Having bough some victrix from Ian at cancon , and having found them just too much for me I have used some of their bits to help individualise the Perry skirmishers..
click on pics for a nice big image..


  1. I just found your blog and enjoyed it quite a bit. I keep tossing back and forth between the Perry French I've already painted and switching to Victrix or Old Glory 2nd edition. Decisions, decisions.

    I've been remiss in posting for a good while now, since my wife (who is a pastor) was assigned to a new church, necessitating a move, but will be posting again shortly.

    I'll be following your progress, and hope to match it with mine!


  2. I have given this project up..I can't come to grips with the 1815 thing..