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Friday, 5 February 2010

Minifigs resurrection part 3

the  infantry all laid out  , 8  units , enough for the Core division

The Artillery ..actually  there are 2 "spare" limber teams

closer view of the infantry division

and the cavalry..


  1. Well done, Hawkwood. Well done, indeed. I am sooo looking forward to this exercise.

  2. well you have some little bit futher to looks like Berg is too small to have its own list so..4 regiments of lancers including Berg and some Berg foot rated as French?

  3. Wow makes me want to finnish my Nappy english, like to dip colour, I use a cabbots stain stain and varnish then a Wattyl matt eastapol to dull them up. I like the Napoleonic period but man the painting is a Bugger, at least Im not doing French, as the detail on those Victrix French means more time with the brush.