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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Plastic Perry Burgundians

or something like that .
These are for my chum Fieldmarshall

An example of my 10 buck paint job , the new camera on an AV setting , the newer smaller, light tent and the  excellent freeware  graphic program that David , of NBA , put me onto ..all coming together .so far

Monday, 28 March 2011

A question of French cuirassier trumpeters

Inspired by Mick the Painters picsMick the Painter's first post   I have looked into the cuirassier trumpeter's  coat situation. i initially was intrigued by the blue coat.. searching aroundI did indeed a first cuirassier  shown in a sky blue coat. I think this is an example  the parade dress as it matches the coat of a non combatant member of the regimental   All ok though it wouildn't have been my first choice of uniform is the fruit of a mornings research..anything to avaoid the Persian 15s.\

What else can Conquest plastics be used for? ( a WiP) know, the sort of question that
turns up on!!!!!.One thing they can't be used for, thankfully, is Carlists..but..
well I tinkered a bit..Wargames Factory torso on Conquest unarmoured rider's legs and horse,Wargames Factory shield and weapons.. some green stuff work to go on the horse archer, hair ,plume , guard on the left arm ,sword baldric, maybe a blanket roll......I imagine it as a Rohan horse archer..
The Norman..well  a Cconquest torso from the above conversion with the Wargames Factory legs leftover from the above conversion , with conquest shield and axe and hand  from Gripping Beast plastic Vikings ..clever or what???

The Wagram Project: The first of the French

Guard Cavalry

Old Guard

Middle Guard

15mm AB

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

ECW/TYW command

Mostly Warlords  metal and plastic with at least one Foundry mounted..These are currently for sale see..

Napoleonic staff WiP

for the Field Marshal


Guard chasseur officer

Cuirassier brigadier

Italian general

French brigadier