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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Mutineer Miniatures Indian Mutiny WiP..

big bunch of pics..started 100 of them on Thursday  60 done  now Sunday   last 40 finished tomorrow..yada yada yada.. big buggers..

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What does '11 hold for you and the hobby?

a pinched concept .. all the best one are .. I have the Prussian SYW project 28mm , the 900-1101AD project 28mm awaiting 3 boxes of Normans as I type, anybody after 33 Gripping beast Normans unpainted? ($90), The now grandly titled "The Pike and Shotte" project, 28mm figs and a good fast play rules, The Sylvanan Incident (18th C pulp adventure based on Peckinpah's Major Dundee), revitalise Wings of War..a mini campaign? Complete the Armies of Gluckheinm ,Dachsdortf and Bieberhof.., finish my railwya bridge and get in more WWII games..paint some nice fantasy ..sort out the Dreadnought thing..contemplate where I am going with Naspoleonics..yjink about the Decline of the West Project...look at my Hoplite collection and...and more TANKS...many more TANKS and ..

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Foundry Landsknechts

for FM, a WiP as they are unbased and in the main, weaponless..all painted in a 24 hour period..