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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Well over on the Rum Corp Tavern.....(The Washing Part 1)

...there is a bit of talk about washes and the like and I frankly and wholeheartedly  think that the current craze for washing is an example of  a process being substituted for ability..and I also feel that many of the "final" product look murky and  muddy and rather crap.Here is the link
In the RCT debate, if it can be thought of as such ,it seems that some have understood me to be anti wash..well I am anti murk and and anti  poor standards. I love wash ..I use it all the time but I never ever mistake it for  being a substitute for  care and patience so here I begin a  bit of "a Reply " to those on the RCT who don't seem to "get " what I am saying.
I will post here the first of  number of pictures that will , hopefully, elucidate my methods, and perhaps help others to climb from the mud....Below the stuff blocked in with  colours that are only to be washed in brown .
and now the washing , with Vallejo sepia tone , begins...
more to come as the re-setting begins..

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