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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Back to the painting table , part 3

well  the Soviets.. first pic up  ..colours blocked in , tunics flesh helmets and tracks  then two thin sprays of Vallejo sepia tone.., one  of my  versions of the "Wash" method..
Then the reset , , a black wash over the running gear, a bit of black  wash to outline  grilles and hatches periscopes and whatever needs a bit of definition   a spay of the lower areas with Tamiya earth then a light dusting of the upper areas with the same..then a highlight  with Tamiya buff of the running gear and lower areas to show the dried mud/dust . and a light dusting again of the upper areas ..then a  coat of Matte varnish  by hand and a final spray of Gunze Flat clear to "pull it all together". The varnishing both protects the model and  evens out the weathering, which, without varnishing , can be a bit stark and ugly.. and then the nice bases..


  1. hey

    Nicely done Card'l, too many for my limited attention span though I would have had to break it down into some pretty small parcels.

    hehehe looks like the battle of the Kaymartski Karparky.

    comrade pig

  2. Thanks comrade pig..I think I know what you mean..