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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Tradition number Forty Four

Many years ago, 31 to be precise..I attended a Wargames Convention in  Adelaide..put on by Mal Wright and his chums..and there, for something of a song I bought a stack of second hand Tradition magazines..being young and silly I pulled out many of the colour centre pages, thus ruining the magazine's  intrinsic value..however they are fascinating and as they are slowly reappearing I am enjoying the experience. Here are some scans form one that I found today .
firstly A nice look at Prussian hussars of the WAS.

And a fine colour print of the Madras Horse Artillery  1845

And finally some details of Austro-Hungarian Infantry 1809


  1. Great little articles, I like the one on the Prussian Hussar, Shame you pulled the centrefolds out, but we all did that in our youth, but I don't think the centrefolds I pulled out were anything to do with wargaming.........

  2. I was 25!!! I should have known better..

  3. Very nice and useful scans. You are both right, we all did it and we regret it now!