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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Jagdpanther WIP

I had bought a Britannia Jagdpanther at the car boot sale for 10 bucks.. it was a sort of mildly mottled shade of some sort of sand, that was about it.I had given it a thin wash and then I applied a few more thin washes of Vallejo sepia wash and began to do something with it..I came and went and its progress was incidental to other more major projects I was doing..

Ok, put on a bit of gauze  so as to crerate the cammo net effect

Then  applied some PVA in patches and submerged  it in the dried tea leaf box..

sealed the tea leaf stuff with a coat of PVA

my strategic reserves of dried tea leaves

a second layer of foliage

final seal of the foliage

a bit  green cammo  pattern , paint the foliage  and weather and dust 
somewhere along the line I had painted the running gear Tamiya flat brown and given it a heavy sepia wash and then a light black wash..
scrubbed up well..I should have bought all the Britannia tank stuff Mick Steggles was selling .................................................doh!


  1. That's dead sexy, that is! Nicely done.

    I need to start saving my old tea bags obviously.